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Having started his career in the factoring Industry in 1983, just out of high school, Mr. Cummings, learned the business from the ground up. Soon he was working closely with small business owners and learning what they needed to make their businesses run their best. Whether they operated a trucking company, a machine shop or nurses registry, they all had a great need for improving cash flow to grow their business and as well they needed someone they could trust and who understood their issues and challenges.

Advance Capital Solutions LLC doing business as ACS FACTORS was started by factoring veterans with over 40 years of combined factoring experience. Our staff is professionally trained to provide top quality service as we are in the financial SERVICES business. We put an emphasis in the SERVICE part of our business.

  • To be a trusted and beneficial financial service provider to small businesses.  This means tapping our resources and staff for the best possible results.
  • By seeking to improve in all areas such as technology, personnel and procedures we can provide services that enable our client’s to have the best possible services.
  • When our client’s benefit from what ACS provides we have met our mission.   In turn we find our client’s are happy to refer others to us and this is the greatest compliment they can give us.

»  Prompt, professional service every time you call

»  Easy processing of Invoices to Cash

»  Free Online Credit Checking

»  Immediate Credit Approvals

»  Courteous Customer Service and Receivable Management Services

»  As your business Grows so does your ability to access more capital

Our goal is to take the time and hassle out of getting paid so you can do what makes you more money – whether that’s hauling freight, manufacturing goods, providing services or selling product!

“Be Fair, Just and Honest and Expect the Same in Return.”

Al Roberson, Mentor and Factoring Guru