APPROVAL Weeks To Approve Days To Approve Hours To Approve
UPFRONT FEES Maybe Application Fee No Deposits or Application Fees
TERM OF DEAL 1-3 years 6 months - 2 years Month - to - Month
TERMINATION FEE May Have Early Termination Fee Early Termination Fee No Early Termination Fee - EVER!
MINIMUM FUNDING Minimum Borrowing High Some Have Minimum No Minimum
MINIMUM FUNDING FEE Non-usage Fee Minimum Monthly Fee No Fee if you don't factor
FUNDING LIMITS Increase Requires New Process Easy To Increase Easy To Increase
CUSTOMER SERVICE Talk To Relationship Manager Talk To Acct Rep Talk to Owner / CEO
REPAYMENT REQUIREMENT Company Makes Payments Company must repay Factor if customer doesn't pay invoice - Your Loss! ACS takes the credit risk if your customer cannot pay - Our Loss, Not Yours!