Fontana Is No Longer the Fontucky You Loved to Scorn

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Health Care, Trucking, Distribution Centers Creating Massive Shift in Quality of Life for Residents

Driving down the 10 Fwy toward San Bernardino and Riverside used to provide a sad view of car salvage lots, mobile home parks, and nasty retail streets as motorists hurtled along the freeway at 80 mph. Up until 2000, Fontana was primarily a Steel Mill City with around 100,000 population. And no one was expecting what was to come.

BOOM! By 2018 the population exploded to over 205,000. The area north of Baseline and especially that area north of the 210 is now 1500 – 5000 square foot homes in new subdivisions, looking way more like Rancho Cucamonga than any part of Fontana. The 10 Freeway corridor is now lined with brand new, massive distribution centers and trucking facilities of every type.

So what city was named the most prosperous city over 100,000 population in the entire state of California? Fontana. According to the Orange County Register:

Now RentCafe’s measurement of prosperous was not a simple tabulation of wealth. To my eye, this longer-term view may be better at measuring a city’s added “prosperity” in this quarter-century period vs. where those who prospered the most lived.

Take Fontana. It morphed from a San Bernardino County town with a dying steel mill into today’s burgeoning medical and transportation hub. By RentCafe’s math, for example, Fontana scored a No. 3 ranking of 71 cities tracked statewide for education improvement. It ranked 16th for income increases and 17th for lowering its poverty rate.

InlandEmpire.US went on to say about this report:

“It’s beyond dispute that the city has come a long way since the turn of the century, not to mention since its foundation. From a small agricultural town, Fontana has turned into what’s now one of the most important regional hubs for the U.S. trucking industry” states Balazs Szekely, author of the RENTCafe article, “The Most Prosperous Cities in the U.S.”

What’s ahead for Fontana. In 2018 alone, there are permits to build another 3000 homes. The middle class can’t afford to live West of the 605 anymore, and their moving inland. Fontana is getting the benefit.

Unsurprisingly, many small trucking firms are located in Fontana. The land and homes are still inexpensive enough, and the neighbors not as picky about rigs being parked in the driveway. And the trucking industry is booming. There is a huge shortage of almost every category of truck and driver.

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